What we do

In plain terms, we help accredited investors Earn More and Live More, because they get to Keep More. 

KeepMore.com is a NY-based firm owned by real estate professional Holly Williams. KeepMore.com is committed to education about how money really works, and in particular the benefits of real estate. Over the past 6 years she has actively managed multifamily syndications and offered her friends and family opportunities to invest alongside her. Now with over $100M in multifamily experience, you can invest with her and her partners in her active real estate portfolio, and at the same time learn about other ways that the wealthy think about money.

Some Questions Answered

How much experience does KeepMore.com have?

KeepMore.com has been in business since 2014, and currently is a General Partner in over $100M Multifamily Real Estate assets throughout Texas, Mississippi, and New York.  Holly has been involved in Real Estate for more than three decades.

Can Anyone Invest With KeepMore.com?

No. You must be an accredited investor. See Investopedia’s definition here.

My Financial Advisor, (and an occasional lawyer or two), told Me not to do this. The paperwork says it’s risky too! Why?

We expect that. A few reasons are:

Private investments are not regulated investment vehicle (which is why only experienced, accredited investors can participate). Not fair, but it’s what the .001% are well-versed in, and the rest of us don’t even know about the party.

Next time you have some free time, read the terms and conditions of any mutual fund.  The first time I did I wanted to run far away.

A question you may want to ask your financial advisor is what’s in *their* portfolio. Be prepared for a non-answer, because it probably doesn’t match what’s in yours.

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