I’m on a mission …

… to educate and share private investment opportunities with successful, high-earning professionals.  You see, there are two groups of investors. One group has access to opportunities that are tax friendly and often more secure, and the other group isn’t even allowed to know about them.

If you earned over $200,000 last year, you are likely in the first group, but your financial advisor probably doesn’t want you to know it.  As a first-generation accredited investor, I’ve discovered opportunities that I didn’t know existed. I am NOT a financial advisor, but as I find opportunities I share them, so that all of us can KEEP MORE.

If you’re searching for a better way, you’ve just found it.


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 I began my journey with real estate, investing in, and later actively participating in Multifamily Real Estate. Through that experience, I learned about how the wealthiest in our country invest. What I learned changed my life, so I wrote a book about it. You may purchase the book and learn more below.

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Multi-family real estate partnerships:
Holly is a connector.  She opened my eyes to opportunities and people that have literally changed my life.

Ike Mutabanna
President, IHM Business Group

People say that you shouldn’t do business with family. Those people don’t have a cousin like Holly.
Sarah Williams Whitman Nurse Practitioner and Favorite Cousin

I’ve known Holly for many years as a highly respected business executive. She is straight up honest and genuine, her passion is contagious, and she freely shares her knowledge with others. I’ve witnessed her interactions with all types of people, and what you see is what you get. I would not hesitate to do business with Holly.

Laura Drews Freund

I worked with Holly for years in the corporate world.  She gave me access to passive investment opportunities my financial advisor didn’t tell me about. Thanks to Holly, I’m getting better returns than I ever did with him and now he’s asking me for advice!

Margaret Kozlark
Worked with Holly for over 20 years in the Market Research Industry